Challenges in Nonlinear Systems:

a meeting to celebrate the 65th birthday of Professor Tom Mullin
10th–11th September, 2015

Meeting timetable

Thursday September 10thFriday September 11th
9.00amMorning coffeeMorning coffee
9.30amDavid Schaeffer — Imperfect bifurcation and finite-length effects in Taylor–Couette flow
10.00amGerd Pfister — Experiments in Taylor–Couette flow
10.30amRich Kerswell — Taylor–Couette flow: an old friend that continues to give
11.00amCoffee & registrationCoffee & Posters
12.00pmSimon Tavener — Parameter sensitivity and inverse sensitivity for nonlinear systems
12.30pmChristophe Clanet — Physics of weightliftingOlivier Pouliquen — How plants feel gravity: a granular problem...
2.00pmMike Gaster — The Influence of surface roughness on boundary layer instability wavesJane Wang — Insect flight: from Newton's law to neurons
2.30pmLaurette Tuckerman — Extreme multiplicity in cylindrical Rayleigh–Bénard convectionEric Clement — Bacterial suspensions: a living example of active fluid
3.00pmFabian Waleffe — Do optimum heat transport solutions control turbulent convective transport?Ray Goldstein — How a Volvox embryo turns itself inside out
3.30pmCoffeeClosing remarks
4.00pmJohn Hogan — Rocking, hunting, shimmying and dynamic substructuring
4.30pmPedro Reis — P.D.E.s: Precision Desktop Experiments to study the mechanics of soft structures
7.00pmConference dinner